Wings and Claws


Feathers floating…

Sharp talons scratching
At my thoughts

Feathers drifting down
Engulfing me
In a cloud of raven black

My words are wings and claws
The color of the midnight sky

Feathers soft and sharp
Powerful and fragile
Dipped into my inkwell
Scratch, scratch, scratch

My words are wings and claws
My thoughts are velvety feathers
As dark as the blue-black sky

I am the Morrigan
Protector and stormy pathway
Shape-shifting Goddess
Of fate and death

I am the Morrigan
Traversing dimensions
Goddess of prophesy,
Night, magic, and revenge

I carry souls
Within my inky wings
To be rebirthed
At my behest

Feathers drifting down
Plumose onyx
My thoughts are wings and claws
My words are the midnight sky

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

The Morrigan is a shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Death and Fate. She is the patroness of night, magic, revenge and prophecy and presides over rivers and lakes. She is identified with the raven and is sometimes known as The Raven Goddess.

Cheers to dVerse and our host Bjorn. We’re delving into cubism as a poetry form, where many small poems are written on the same object with a shift of perspective, that provides context as a whole.


52 thoughts on “Wings and Claws

  1. gaileeann2016

    Hi MWM – the deep words of your soul are magnified in truth – only known to those who have survived – who have wrestled with dark and light good and evil. YOU are a goddess of truth – as am I and so many here – I am humbly surrounded by the light of truth casting shadow and veil over darkness – together we protect our vulnerability and inspire our light to shine – thank you MotherWinterMoon, thank you…….
    Love Gail

    Liked by 1 person

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