At nightfall I vividly recall
The caress of the grim reaper

I remember how he teased me
With the promise of death

His specter woos me away
From all the opportunities I cannot access

I am not free from his grasp
I am simply his bride left at the altar

Spinning illusions
Clinging to missed connections

That were never mine
To possess

🙏 Momma Moon

©️ 2020 All Rights Reserved

Chaiku: Clay Feet

silently the night creeps in,
tiptoeing past smashed pottery,
why must my idols always have clay feet?

©️ 2020 the year of social distancing…

I found a bunch of my chaiku in my drafts and decided to start posting them. In this time of isolation, I need to keep busy with things other than cleaning — just as I need to connect with all of you. Love is all…MW 💖