upon my window pane
a trail of muffled raindrops
echoing my tears

Chaiku MW

Breath, fog and raindrops
Seeping into my soul
My eyes turned upwards
Toward the promise of the clouds
While my feet 
Are drenched in mud puddles
Sending shivers deep
Into my bones

The view from my room
Is spattered with raindrops
In the heartbeat of the rain
I can see dams breaking
Sweat dripping down
Dampened bedsheets
Arms outstretched
People under somber umbrellas
Separated by their fears

©️ 2020 MW 🙏

Using the word Room as my inspiration, in honor of OLN at dVerse, our host Grace at Every Day Amazin and our previous host Laura at Poetry Pix.

His name was George Floyd 💔

I see you
I hear you
I mourn with you
I stand with you
I kneel with you

My heart is broken. I am gripped with fear for my country. How can this be our reality in the year 2020?? Every day we are assaulted with a new atrocity. It took eight minutes for George Floyd to die — suffocated on the dirty pavement by a knee pressed into his neck, while his hands were handcuffed behind his back. For eight minutes he pleaded and begged to be allowed to breathe, while the weight of a man slowly crushed him to death. For eight minutes bystanders witnessed his murder in horror and begged for him to be let up. For eight minutes no one was allowed to him. The madness has to stop!!


At nightfall I vividly recall
The caress of the grim reaper

I remember how he teased me
With the promise of death

His specter woos me away
From all the opportunities I cannot access

I am not free from his grasp
I am simply his bride left at the altar

Spinning illusions
Clinging to missed connections

That were never mine
To possess

🙏 Momma Moon

©️ 2020 All Rights Reserved

Chaiku: Clay Feet

silently the night creeps in,
tiptoeing past smashed pottery,
why must my idols always have clay feet?

©️ 2020 the year of social distancing…

I found a bunch of my chaiku in my drafts and decided to start posting them. In this time of isolation, I need to keep busy with things other than cleaning — just as I need to connect with all of you. Love is all…MW 💖


Cast your stones upon the ruins
Cast your runes upon the stones
Take now what the future holds
Think only of what is in your bones

©️ 2020 All Rights Reserved

I actually dreamed the words of this little poem, woke up and wrote them down. It’s literally something I dreamed up. I read Angel oracle cards, but not runes, yet I dreamed about runes.Take now what the future holds?” Food for thought!

Passover: A Spiritual Telling


The biblical story of Passover/Pesach begins in ancient Egypt, where the Israelites were said to have lived in bondage. GD sent Moses to petition the Pharaoh to set them free. Pharaoh refused, inciting GD to inflict plagues upon Egypt. Still, Pharaoh refused for “his heart was hardened.” Finally he relented and the people fled with no time to allow their dough to rise to make bread for their journey. They only had enough time to make a flat, cracker-like bread called matzo (matzah) to sustain them on their trek into the wilderness.

As the exodus began, Pharaoh did a 180 and sent his army in hot pursuit. The Israelites kept on truckin’, with the army at their heels, but were blocked by a large body of water they could not swim across. Moses turned to GD in prayer and GD instructed him to raise his staff. When he did, the waters parted, allowing the Israelites to cross. When the Egyptian army tried to follow, the waters closed over them.

Every year at Passover Jewish people gather for a Seder — a holiday meal where matzo and special foods are eaten. Seder means “order.” It is called a Seder because the meal is done in a certain order — with singing, blessings and retelling of the story. It’s like an interactive dinner play where participants relive the Israelite journey from oppression to freedom.

The spiritual and metaphorical meaning of Passover:

Passover is a special time to acknowledge all the divisive, self-betraying, grasping and ego-driven behaviors in our world, microcosmically and macrocosmically. It’s a designated time focus on transitioning from that world to the world of liberation.

In the Hebrew telling of the tale we don’t actually say Egypt, we say Mitzrayim, which refers to a tight, constricted space. The first step is willingness to identify the toxic patterns that enslave us and keep us in a tight, constricted space. Is it imbalance? Workaholism? Addictions of any kind? Toxic environments or relationships?

Before Passover begins we prepare by engaging in a thorough spring cleaning of our abodes. The Passover tradition to clean all the nooks and crannies of our homes has an emotional and spiritual equivalent. (Mind, body, spirit). By cleaning your spiritual house you make a defining statement about what you wish to manifest. We are called upon to define our tribe and tend to our flock (human and animal) as Moses symbolized.

The energy we allow to dwell in our spaces can uplift and inspire us or keep us trapped in mitzrayim.

The Torah tells us, “redemption comes on Pesach.” The Jewish Sages never read the words of the Torah with just a singular or literal meaning. They equated self-oppression to mochin d’katnut (small, constricted consciousness). Mochin d’katnut has the same meaning as the Passover word Mitzrayim. Conversely, the Ba’al Shem Tov said the ticket to emotional freedom is mochin d’gadlut (expanded consciousness). Here we see the Sages were talking about two different states of consciousness using the two concepts, constricted space and freedom, that epitomize Passover.

Before Passover begins we clear our homes of chametz (leavened food or food mixed with leaven). In the original definition, “chametz” meant “last year’s spoiled grain.” We can see why it was necessary to get rid of spoiled grain, which may be infested with insects (plagues) and cause serious illness.

Who or what is spoiled grain in your life? We prepare to leave our constricted place and redeem ourselves by letting go of the “spoiled/tainted” things that plague us in mind, body and spirit.

In the words of the Jewish Sages, the Israelites had to learn to take Egypt (Mitzrayim) out of themselves. Oppression and redemption sometimes comes from others and sometimes comes from within.

In Kabbalah, the Divine attribute connected to Passover is Sefirah Chesed (Loving-kindness). Sefirah Chesed is counterbalanced by Din (Judgement). Sefirah Din (Judgement) is synonymous with Gevurah (Strength). Without moral fortitude, good judgment and healthy boundaries, loving-kindness can easily devolve into psychological slavery and martyrdom.

Were the Israelites happy to be free and grateful to Moses? Nope! In the biblical Exodus, the Israelites spoke longingly of Egypt and lamented leaving! They were royally peeved at Moses for taking them out of Egypt!! They were not happy campers! (Shemot/Exodus 14:11-12/16:3).

Being a slave in Egypt is a metaphor for being stuck in a state of Mochin d’katnut (small, constricted consciousness). There is fear and resistance involved in leaving the familiar state of constriction for the unknown or uncharted territory of liberation.

As long as we are seeking to placate, appease, cleave to and entertain that which is plagued by toxicity, we are not free.

At the Passover Seder, it’s traditional to open a door to let the prophet Eliyahu (Elijah) in. Chasidut teaches that “we open the door not so much to let Elijah in as to let ourselves out.“

©️ 2020 – All Rights Reserved

I’m looking forward to trying a resource I found for creating your own Passover Haggadah that personally reflects what the story of Passover and freedom means to you!


Today I vividly recall
The embrace of the grim reaper
Today I remember the sharp nick
Of his kiss upon my soul
His passion distracts me
From the Truth
Life is too fleeting and fragile
To remain face down
Spewing out mouthfuls of dirt

©️2019 MW ❣️

Cheers and L’chayim to dVerse and Whimsygizmo. We are writing quadrilles (44 word poems) using the word “nick”…meaning steal, timeliness (nick of time), small cut or scratch.

Frozen Tundra

The past is a frozen tundra
Immovable and unchangeable
There is only now
This present moment
To live in the knowledge
I have gained

I allow the past
To drift away
On the ocean of tears
I have cried over marks
I have missed
And cherished dreams
I have failed to
To manifest

Today I make peace
With the Present
And arise from the frigid waters
Frozen fingers aching to weave
A new beginning
From all the frayed ends.

©️ 2018 All Rights Reserved