North Country Love and Legend


specter of death along a deserted road
the demise of autumn’s reap and sow

ghostly branches of barren trees
eerie hushed babble of glacial streams

icy claws clinging to niveous graves
townspeople gathered in a shadowed nave

the shivery blush of a winter kiss
frostbitten petals of bitter cold bliss

long hair adorned with icicles
crystalline footprints in the snow

waning light of a gibbous moon
north wind howling a song of doom

frozen in time she awaited his return
upon the hearth they placed her urn

© Mother Wintermoon 2016

Cheers to dVerse Poet’s Pub and bard, Bjorn. We are prompted to be inspired by the song-writing imagery of Bob Dylan. I chose the “Girl From The North Country” as my inspiration. Didn’t you wonder what happened to her? Now you know! Dylan lyrics below:

If you’re traveling the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
For she once was a true love of mine.

If you go when the snowflakes storm
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
Please see if she has a coat so warm
To keep her from the howlin’ winds.

Please see if her hair hangs long
If it rolls and flows all down her breast
Please see for me if her hair’s hanging long
For that’s the way I remember her best.

I’m a-wonderin’ if she remembers me at all
Many times I’ve often prayed
In the darkness of my night
In the brightness of my day.

So if you’re travelin’ the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was the true love of mine


You are wholeness,
You are exquisiteness,
You are a dazzling jewel of delight.
There is an entire universe,
Contained in the smallest speck
Of your corporeal life.

No matter how broken you feel,
No matter how many times you have shattered,
You are a crystal of Divine radiance.
Continuing to reflect and refract,
Many whispers of light.

© Mother Wintermoon 2016

Cheers to dVerse and our host, Lillian. We are evoking the energy of the words “razzle, dazzle and sparkle,” using one, all, or none of the words in our work. 

Wings and Claws

Feathers floating…

Sharp talons scratching
At my thoughts

Feathers drifting down
Engulfing me
In a cloud of raven black

My words are wings and claws
The color of the midnight sky

Feathers soft and sharp
Powerful and fragile
Dipped into my inkwell
Scratch, scratch, scratch

My words are wings and claws
My thoughts are velvety feathers
As dark as the blue-black sky

I am the Morrigan
Protector and stormy pathway
Shape-shifting Goddess
Of fate and death

I am the Morrigan
Traversing dimensions
Goddess of prophesy,
Night, magic, and revenge

I carry souls
Within my inky wings
To be rebirthed
At my behest

Feathers drifting down
Plumose onyx
My thoughts are wings and claws
My words are the midnight sky

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

The Morrigan — Shape-shifting Celtic Raven Goddess of War, Death, Fate, Night, Magic, Prophecy and Revenge. With water as her element, she presides over rivers and lakes. She is sometimes referred to as The Raven Goddess.

Cheers to dVerse and our host Bjorn. We’re delving into cubism as a poetry form, where many small poems are written on the same object with a shift of perspective, that provides context as a whole.


A mere shadow of my former self
Moves invisibly through rooms full of people
Existing on a plane rarely detectable to others
Slipping into a sea of inky darkness
My sliver of a shadow cries
Remembering how she once dreamed
Of emerging to greatness

© 2016 MW All rights reserved / DV, medical trauma and cancer survivor

A quadrille for dVerse with our host, De.  “Shadow” is our inspiration.

Drumbeat of Sorrow

Mankind, I shall see you again
standing at the entrance to the
Rainbow Bridge
waiting for direction
feet traversing stepping stones
on a new horizon
where Spirit will awaken
the drumbeat of sorrow
at what you have wrought
tears shall overflow your eyes
as you behold our magnificence
your soul will tremble
with the cadence of pain
as you gaze upon the Medicine Wheel
you have desecrated
and the feather of the Great Spirit
you have so carelessly trampled
here, within the Sacred Hoop
we are your teachers
we are your healers
we are the stewards of your fate

© Mother Wintermoon 2016In loving memory of Cecil the magnificent lion and Harambe, the rare and majestic silverback gorilla, whose lives were ended by human idiocy and disregard for the sacredness of wild animal life.

Cheers to Open Link Night at dVerse with bard Bjorn.

Smoke Signals

Raindrops glistening
like diamonds
mined from human tears
my faith turned into
an empty closet full of lies 
broken promises amassing
into piles of old bones
listening in vain
for familiar footsteps
throwing the feathers
of broken wings
into the fireplace
transforming them
into smoke signals
singeing the sunset
with Your name


Cheers to dVerse and poet Victoria. Our word of the day is “feathers.” 

Wishes Do Come True!

I wished for abundant riches
Now my bank account is full
The police are investigating
They think they’re stolen bills

I wished for peace and quiet
Now I have no thoughts in my head
My life is total emptiness
I may as well be dead

I wished for everlasting love
Ardent, devoted and true
Now I can never shake him
He’s stuck to me like glue

I wished to be a beautiful bird
Soaring wild and free
Now I’m locked in a cage
To amuse a human being

Be careful what you wish for
It might just come true
What you wanted may not turn out
The way you expected it to


© 2016 Mother Wintermoon

For dVerse and Mish’s prompt to write a serious, whimsical or humorous poem about wishes. Mine was meant to be humorous. 😛

I Am She Who Has Always Existed

I am the ruler of the underworld
I am a heavenly body
I have been a muse since time immemorial
Countless sonnets were inspired by my reign
I go by the names of
Snow, Hunger, Wolf, Flower,
Harvest, Hunter, Blue and Crow
I am the light within the shadows
I am the endings before new beginnings
I rouse your passions
I bring solace to your soul
I am there in your darkest hour
I rule over transitions and balance
I am life and death
I am the embodiment of reap and sow

I am the rhythm of the earth bridging all seasons
Wolves speak to me in ancient tongues
Sea captains hunger for my guidence
Oceans rise and fall under my sway
Tides succumb to my pull
I am the power of love and madness
I am the magic and I am the spell
I bear witness to your sins and secrets
I am the keeper of your regrets and hopes

Seek my wisdom and I will give you…
The gift of transformation
Call upon me and I will teach you…
The eternal cycle of harvesting and letting go
I am reincarnation
I am feast days and festivals
I am She who has always existed
I am more powerful than the sun
I am Lady Luna,
I am the Shekhinah
I am the Triple Goddesses
I am Maiden, Mother, Crone

©️ 2015 Mother Wintermoon / All Rights Reserved

Snow, Hunger, Wolf, Flower, Harvest, Hunter, Blue and Crow are Native American names for moon phases, reflecting the nature of each season. The Shekhinah is the Divine Feminine in Kabbalah, associated with the new moon and Kiddush Levanah — the Jewish blessing said outdoors over the new moon each month. A more traditional view of Kiddush Levanah (sanctification of the new moon).

Those who recite the blessing over the new moon is as if they have greeted the presence of the Shekhinah.

Rabbi Yochanan

Connecting the Shekhinah to the Goddess archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Crone.

 My bit of creative luna~cy in honor of dVerse and our host, Grace.


A jar full of secret hopes and dreams,
dances upon the bubbling froth,
right on the edge of a timelessness.
Buffered by the ebb and flow,
it now resides with broken sea shells,
lost among a million grains of sand,
patiently waiting to be found.

©️ 2016 Mother Wintermoon

Cheers to dVerse and Björn using the word “jaras our prompt.

Between Living and Dying

Her tears run down her cheeks
Into her mouth, choking her speech
Writhing in her world of pain
Drowning in a sea of shame
Bound up in forced compliance
Existing in a prison of silence
Struggling to get out
Strangled by their yoke of doubt
I knit her a shawl of healing
Afraid of what she’s feeling
I watch her flailing blindly
Struggling to find me
I kindle a holy spark
To guide her through the dark
I hear her parched voice crying
From the veil between living and dying
I send her a shower of love
To quench her gently from above
I see a faint glimmer of hope
Cross the face I long to stroke
I reach out eagerly to draw her nearer
and feel my fingers touch the mirror

© 2008 Mother Wintermoon — All rights reserved

Equal Measure

Dust to ashes, ashes to dust
Pleasure and pain, innocence and lust
Strength in weakness, dying in birth
Dirt feeds life, decay feeds dirt
Sunrise to sunset, ebb follows flow,
Around and around, joy or woe?
Something begins, another ends
Seasons recycling, wheel of life spins
Corporal body, human spirit
Grief and joy, we all inherit
Pleasure balances pain, pain kills pleasure,
We are all cogs, without equal measure
Love and loneliness, plenty and dearth
Wheel spins cruelly, calculating worth
Embrace or abandonment, care or abuse
Spin one takes all, win or lose
Germinating and decomposing, rotating world
Withering or thriving, life unfurls
Round we go, torment or leisure,
Tethered to this mortal coil, without equal measure

© 2016 Mother Wintermoon Rights Reserved

Polarities In Flight

just as the gentle wind
rustles slumbering leaves
my soul stirs
at the sound of your voice
just as the early morning sun
rouses the slumbering earth
my dormant spirit
is awakened by your touch
just as the winter frost
turns flowing water into ice
my heart is frozen
without your springtide voice

i am the sacred darkness
you are the hallowed light
i am night flowing into day
you are day flowing into night
we are the yin-yang  
of the universe
we are synchronistic polarities
in flight

~© Mother Wintermoon 2016~