Here and There – Tale of Two Blogs

I am currently blogging at Silver Moon Cove. I may be (attempting to) consolidate that site into this one. It’s a (passing) thought anyway. Perhaps an overly ambitious one, since I feel the two blogs express different aspects of my journey through this mortal coil. I’m not sure what possessed me to have more than one blog, but perhaps it was meant for me to have more than one to explore different facets of connection to others and myself.

May your journey always be safe and your path illuminated,
MW 🙏🏼

Bee Goddess!

The card I drew today was Bee Goddess!

The Bee Goddess really got me buzzing!

In mysticism bees are regarded as spirit messengers. ‘Talking to the bees’ was a way to relay messages to loved ones who passed over.

In yogic doctrine, where each chakra emits a different sound, the Muladhara (root chakra) emits a hum likened in yogic literature to the hum of a bumblebee.

Throughout the Mediterranean, the appearance of bees marked the divine feminine energy of the spring season and its qualities of rebirth, renewal and fertility.

Ephesan coins from the 5th century BCE depict a queen bee as the Great Mother, connected to womb healing and divine sexuality.

In ancient texts the Bee Goddess represents the spirit becoming intoxicated with the pollen of knowledge.

In Hebrew, the word for bee is devorah (Deborah), the name of the Hebrew Prophetess, Devorah. The bee is the only creature that has the Hebrew word dabar as its root. Dabar is the Hebrew word for speak – l’dabar is the infinitive “to speak.” (V and B are the same letter in the Hebrew alphabet).

So what is the relationship between bee and dabar? The Hebrew word for honey symbolizes your thoughts flowing out through your lips in the words that you speak and the way you communicate. Do your words reflect your intentions? Are you communicating authentically and effectively?

In Shamanism, the world’s oldest healing tradition, bees inhabited the sacred grove, the enchanted forest and the timeless realm between the living and the dead. Honey was considered a taste of wisdom from the other world. Bee Shamanism is said to awaken the Sacred Feminine.

Bees were familiars of the Goddess and referred as the “Birds of the Muses.”

Bee Shamanism has its roots with the Melissae — Bee Priestesses in Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. Melissai (or Melissae) are Greek and Latin words for bees. The Melissai prophesied through oracular trances. The Greek word for this state of altered consciousness is enthusiasmos, meaning within is a god, the root of the word enthusiasm.

The knowledge of the Bee Goddess and Bee Prophetess is considered to be stern (like a sting) and enlightening by opening your mind to Truth and Clarity you could not see or face before.

🐝…MW 🙏

Deck UsedMystic Sisters

Gorgeous cards from the Mystic Sisters Deck


Home sweet home
Neat houses all in a row
Faux gaslights imparting
A soft, subtle glow

Her house looks no different
With its white shaded porch
Yet evil lies in wait
Behind the closed door

In the shadow of privilege
She cowers in fear
Her cries at odds
with the serene night air

The red peonies she planted
Are the color of her blood
The dead patch on the emerald lawn
Mirrors his “love”

If you look closely
You’ll see something askew
Maybe a jagged edge
Within the lines of smooth

©️ 2020 MW / DV survivor


upon my window pane
a trail of muffled raindrops
echoing my tears

Chaiku by MW 🙏🏼

Breath, fog and raindrops
Seeping into my soul
My eyes turned upwards
Toward the promise of the clouds
While my feet 
Are drenched in mud puddles
Sending shivers deep
Into my bones

The view from my room
Is spattered with raindrops
In the heartbeat of the rain
I can see dams breaking
Sweat dripping down
Dampened bedsheets
Arms outstretched
People under somber umbrellas
Separated by their fears

©️ 2020 MW 🙏

Using the word Room as my inspiration for OLN at dVerse, our host Grace at Every Day Amazin and our previous host Laura at Poetry Pix.


Cast your stones upon the ruins
Cast your runes upon the stones
Take now what the future holds
Think only of what is in your bones

©️ 2020 All Rights Reserved

This little poem is literally something I dreamed up. I usually read Oracle or Angel cards, not runes, yet I dreamed about runes and remembered the words to this poem when I woke up.Take now what the future holds?” Food for thought!


Today I vividly recall
The embrace of the grim reaper
Today I remember the sharp nick
Of his kiss upon my soul
His passion distracts me
From the Truth
Life is too fleeting and fragile
To remain face down
Spewing out mouthfuls of dirt

©️2019 MW ❣️

Recalling my many encounters with the grim reaper. Cheers to dVerse and Whimsygizmo. We are writing quadrilles using the word “nick” — meaning steal, timeliness (nick of time) or small cut.

Frozen Tundra

The past is a frozen tundra
Immovable and unchangeable
There is only now
This present moment
To live in the knowledge
I have gained

I allow the past
To drift away
On the ocean of tears
I have cried over marks
I have missed
And cherished dreams
I have failed to
To manifest

Today I make peace
With the Present
And arise from the frigid waters
Frozen fingers weaving
A new beginning
From all the frayed ends.

©️ MW 2018 🙏 All Rights Reserved


The bridges you’ve burned smolder behind me
Staining the innocence of a bright new day
Through the thick, dark smoke of brokenness
I see the outline of new bridges [to jump from, cross over or burn to ashes]
Shimmering and swaying in the distance,
Whispering promises that make a mockery of my fears
Looking over my shoulder one last time
I see the bridge where you faltered
Refusing to cross over onto solid ground with me
Within the blink of an eye it vanishes
A mere specter in the realm of what could have been
Before you succumbed to your predilection
For gasoline and matches

© 2018 MW 🙏

Cheers to OLN at dVerse and our gracious host, Grace.


The Serpent Goddess winds up your spine
Wrapping around your wounded heart
Evoking cool ocean breezes
Followed by the heat of the desert sun
A wild taste of freedom shoots upward
Engaging every inch of your existence
In a sensual dance
Droplets of blood rain fall steadily
Washing away all your pain
Colors flash through your cerebral cortex
Fiery red flashes of anger
Indigo blue ripples of peace
Sea green waves of bitterness
Amber orange rays of hope

You become an Old World lizard
A hungry panther
An Indian Star tortoise bridging heaven and earth

An angel with steely wings
Swoops in
Challenging your beliefs
Pitting itself against your humaneness
Pressing sharp talons into your flesh

You become billows of smoke
Purging and cleansing
Your tortured soul

You are a crystal clear river now
Flowing fiercely and freely
Calmly and powerfully
Kundalini’s work is done

Cheers to Open Link Night at dVerse and our gracious host, Grace.

© 2017 MW 🙏 All Rights Reserved

Kundalini is divine feminine energy in the form of a coiled snake that lies dormant at the base of the spine. A Kundalini Awakening is an intensely powerful spiritual experience through altered and expanded states of consciousness that uncoils the snake and pulls the energy up through the chakras to the crown. Kundalini energy is the source of our creative power and spiritual gifts.

In Kabbalah, the serpent represents our ego-self. Ego-self blocks our connection to Source.


I dwell in shade
Engulfed by grays
No color palette to
Enliven my days
Shadows take hold
Where my life enfolds
I have no rainbows
To enliven my soul
All my words drift
Into soundless mist
I look into the mirror
And I don’t exist

I have no face
I’ve been erased
All that I am is painful space

© 2017 Mother Wintermoon 🙏

For D’verse and host Lillian, using “shades” as our inspiration. 


A black cat mewls piteously
upon my gravestone
the stench of decay
fills my nostrils
unearthly roots encircle my legs
the alchemy of hell
turns my soul to dust
soil blackens my lips
as i begin this descent
into the underworld
where fire consumes my shame

Underground II

Risen and fallen
a lone candle burns
upon my tombstone
a feral cat scratches at my grave
roses wither on the vine
as the goddess of the underworld
invokes my name
pain is my destiny
into the bowels of oblivion
i accept my fate

©️ 2017 Mother Wintermoon ❣️
Cheers to OLN at dVerse and our host, BodhiRose (Gayle). Inspired by the Underground prompt hosted by PaulScribbles.


Into this hallowed chamber,
harshness enters,
bruising my knees,
weighing down my outstretched arms.

Icicles of despair linger,
suspended in frozen air,
taunting voices whisper,
mocking my faith,
drowning out the chorus of prayers.

The face of your image looms,
burned into my naked flesh,
i arise! in defiance of,
this sham salvation.

The angels shiver,
trembling against fragile glass,
shattering the panes,
into bright pieces
of sharpened resolve.

© 2016 MW All Rights Reserved

Cheers to dVerse and Bjorn. Our prompt is to work the shadows of light and dark.