I Am She Who Has Always Existed

I am the ruler of the underworld
I am a heavenly body
I have been a muse since time immemorial
Countless sonnets were inspired by my reign
I go by the names of
Snow, Hunger, Wolf, Flower,
Harvest, Hunter, Blue and Crow
I am the light within the shadows
I am the endings before new beginnings
I rouse your passions
I bring solace to your soul
I am there in your darkest hour
I rule over transitions and balance
I am life and death
I am the embodiment of reap and sow

I am the rhythm of the earth bridging all seasons
Wolves speak to me in ancient tongues
Sea captains hunger for my guidence
Oceans rise and fall under my sway
Tides succumb to my pull
I am the power of love and madness
I am the magic and I am the spell
I bear witness to your sins and secrets
I am the keeper of your regrets and hopes

Seek my wisdom and I will give you…
The gift of transformation
Call upon me and I will teach you…
The eternal cycle of harvesting and letting go
I am reincarnation
I am feast days and festivals
I am She who has always existed
I am more powerful than the sun
I am Lady Luna
I am the Shechina
I am Maiden, Mother, Crone

© 2016 – All Rights Reserved


Unifying the Shechina, (the Divine Feminine in Judaism) with the feminine archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Crone based on Greek mythology. In Kabbalah, the Shechina is associated with the moon. It is said “One who blesses the new moon every month (Kiddush Levana) is one who greets the Shechina and brings her down to shine upon us.” (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 42a, Rabbi Yochanan). She is the Divine Earth Mother and our redemption from the underworld, meaning existential crisis or dark night of the soul. The moon is associated with goddesses and feminine energy in many cultures. 

 My bit of creative ~luna~cy in honor of dVerse and Grace.

53 thoughts on “I Am She Who Has Always Existed

    1. I replied to this and autocorrect wrote “I’m so happy to know it read mated with you.” It was supposed to say “resonated” not “read mated.” You really gotta wonder about autocorrect sometimes. How does “read mated” even make sense? Haha 😀


  1. I love this this you being a moonbeam and so to could I be, maybe we can meat in a weird dance some where in our universe, and sing a song for all to love. Wouldn’t that be neat! I usually keep away from these kind of prompts, for the same reason, that I am not that good under pressure, But when I hear a piece of music, or sea a piece of art or a photograph that moves, me then I write about it, and some of my best poems are written in that fashion. So pleasant dreams and keep on shining for us all! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your’re the best Charles! Thanks for all your kind words and all you share with me. The universe has introduced us and we are singing our own song together, as two souls whose paths have crossed through the mysteries of the internet. Sweet dreams on moonbeams, Momma Moon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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