You are wholeness,
You are exquisiteness,
You are an imperfect jewel of delight.
There is an entire universe,
Contained in the smallest speck
Of your corporeal life.

No matter how broken you feel,
No matter how many times you have shattered,
You are a crystal of Divine radiance.
Continuing to reflect and refract,
Many whispered wisps of light.

You are a lamplight of the Divine.
You are a guardian of goodness.
You are Holy Sparks waiting to ignite.

You are a luminous being,
You are a rainbow after the rain,
You are the wondrous sparkle
Within the sacred veil of night.

© Mother Wintermoon 2016

Cheers to dVerse and our host, Lillian. We are evoking the energy of the words “razzle, dazzle and sparkle,” using one, all, or none of the words in our work. 

78 thoughts on “Dazzled

  1. You have evoked the power of words and you did it with great purpose and filled me with inspiration. 🙂

    My favorite lines:

    There is an entire color spectrum,
    And a myriad of dimensions,
    Contained in the smallest speck of your cosmic dust.

    I see the picture in my mind like a surrealism of dust being captured in a time continuum universe of molecules.

    I love this poem a lot. 🙂

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  2. SMiLes..
    mY FriEnd..
    you’ve reAlly
    tapped A higher
    power within as
    your liGhted
    words speak
    of hUman potential..
    often lying.. forgotten..
    and dArk in eXternal
    liFe.. beyond A
    Gift inside..
    juSt waiting
    to come out and play..
    with all that’s glitterRing as
    diaMonDs and alWays Free..
    decoRated.. sparKling with these
    words but nary a word necessary
    aS fruiTion sPeaks..:)

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      1. Thanks for the kind words my friEnd.. i have full use of my seeing and hearing now for three years after a stint of serious challenge in pain disorder way for 66 months.. on the Autism Spectrum.. typing is actually.. in a way.. an accommodation over past difficulties expressing my self in speech but as my wife exclaims.. I’ve caught up on that part too.. through writing.. it seems.. peace and solace to you as Well.. my FriEnd..:)

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  3. A very powerful poem and I love ‘You are a perfect jewel of darkness and light.
    There is an entire color spectrum, And a myriad of dimensions, Contained in the smallest speck of your cosmic dust.’ You can give so much to others from this depth of feeling and by sharing. Blessings to you xxx

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  4. gaileeann2016

    Dear MWM – so beautiful, hopeful, life-giving. This place of self-love after a journey from darkness takes time – it is a brave challenge to arrive, to “be” light and sparkle – to look at the broken pieces of one’s self to reflect truth and brightness and hope and a glorious surrender to love all of the pieces and “see” the gift and offering. Oh how your words inspire and speak my heart and soul.
    ‘Love Gail

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  5. Remarkable. At this stage of the age spectrum, I know we can be shattered many times. We take blows in life. But your reference to what amounts to a crystalline lattice, an irreducible pattern, offers hope for recovery and regrowth. There is an astonishing strength there. Thank you.

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