A mere shadow of my former self
Moves invisibly through rooms full of people
Existing on a plane rarely detectable to others
Slipping into a sea of inky darkness
My sliver of a shadow cries
Remembering how she once dreamed
Of emerging to greatness

© 2016 MW All rights reserved / As a survivor of DV, medical trauma and cancer, I work to destigmatize mental health struggles. Writing and art are cathartic outlets to verbalize and express.

A quadrille for dVerse with our host, De.  “Shadow” is our inspiration.

45 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Oh my the first one is so passionate. I am especially drawn to the second one where one’s shadow seems to mourn for lost hopes and dreams. Wonderful imagery in both.

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  2. Afrika Bohemian

    I loved them more but the second poem haunts me more, i remember seeing my shadow exactly the way you described at one point in my life. much love

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  3. I enjoyed both of these. The first one, however, touched a nerve. I sometimes try to put myself in the place of those living in the uncertainty of a war-torn country. That being said, however, we are all so affected by war.

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  4. I love the last four lines of the first poem, about the tattered quilt of love and bitter cold invading like a thief in the night.But the second poem chilled me to the bone, especially the line about moving invisibly through rooms full of people.

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  5. Your first poem is such a deft portrait of a long term relationship. That tattered quilt has seen some action, but it still warms. The second piece made me think of how women become invisible at a certain age. I’m going to be thinking about that one more today.

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  6. I love the sentiment in the first, and ‘only the tattered quilt of our love remained’ – what a lovely image. Love is exactly that.

    The second…wow. This one hits close to home. It reminds me of a younger me, and even now, a phrase Brenè Brown spoke when she was talking about shame and guilt and living daringly, which punched me in the gut not too long ago. She said there was a part of her which found comfort in staying under the radar, and even unconsciously she crafted that path. Becoming ‘not the shadow’ is courageous. Being vulnerable enough to risk being seen is maybe the most courageous thing we can do, and the thing with the most risk to our hearts. But it’s worth it.

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    1. Thanks so much for your engagement and in-depth comment Kay. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about Brene Brown’s work. I’ll be ordering a few of her books on my next Kindke order. I appreciate your thoughts on this topic and insight into Brown’s books. ❤️

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