I dwell in shade
Engulfed by grays
No color palette to
Enliven my days
Shadows take hold
Where my life enfolds
I have no rainbows
To enliven my soul
All my words drift
Into soundless mist
I look into the mirror
And I don’t exist

I have no face
I’ve been erased
All that I am is painful space

© 2017 Mother Wintermoon 🙏

For D’verse and host Lillian, using “shades” as our inspiration. 

32 thoughts on “Shade

  1. The power and truth of feelings are so alive within this simplicity – any changes would take the reader away from the core experience of this poem. From the pain you have produced this diamond and hopefully its light will reach you too with all the colours of the rainbow 💜


  2. In the Space that I am In

    Shall wash all my Pain

    That becomes my life time Gain

    No Shade required where I am In

    Hope you liked it Mother
    Hope I did not Bother
    Hope our Souls are fresh as Ever
    Best Wishes💟🌹

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  3. There is so much pain in this beautiful poem that creates such mood and atmosphere. You did such a wonderful job working with rhyme and slant rhyme. I just saw your comment and personally I think this is so well done. Simplicity that draws the reader into the strong emotion is so good. Thank you for sharing and sending you hugs and prayers.

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  4. Oh this encapsulates all of the shade that is depression….living, nay existing within the shadows only — no colors, no rainbows. And these words
    “All my words drift
    Into soundless mist”
    so desolate.
    I actually feel this poem. It is not noisy to let me hear it….it is sadness incarnate in words.

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