A black cat mewls piteously
upon my gravestone
the stench of decay
fills my nostrils
unearthly roots encircle my legs
the alchemy of hell
turns my soul into
acrid rain
soil blackens my lips
as i begin this descent
into the underworld
where fire consumes my shame

Underground II

Risen and fallen
a lone candle burns
upon my tombstone
a feral cat scratches at my grave
roses wither on the vine
as the goddess of the underworld
invokes my name
pain is my destiny
into the bowels of oblivion
i accept my fate

© 2017 All Rights Reserved

Cheers to Open Link Night at dVerse and our host, BodhiRose (Gayle). My poems are inspired by the Underground theme hosted by PaulScribbles, which conjures up my dark nights of the soul.


58 thoughts on “Underground

  1. I love how the second poem can be read as continuation of the first, while the first descend you to underworld and second takes place there. Poems were something of a unique, a concept which never crossed my mind before. I loved the word, ‘unearthly roots’, which strikes a fear and sense of thrill in me.

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