9 thoughts on “Chaiku: Rain Sobbing

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    The weight of a soul’s death is heaviest on those born with a sensitive beautiful heart. That is your heart. On the other hand, without such hearts, we would be more lost by far.

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      1. thefeatheredsleep

        Yours was the first kindness when I came to WordPress. I never forget true friends and in this world where not everyone’s hearts are truly kind, it is becoming a rare and cherished thing to know a good heart. I know yours is. I feel it.

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  2. its so hard to tell
    in the rain
    which tears are yours
    and which are the sky

    but does it really matter

    tears cost everything
    and nourish tomorrow

    a sacred sacrifice made common
    so that the miracle of ‘common’
    may continue

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    1. Many thanks to you, Celtic One. I am blessed three-fold to be the recipient of your poem. Please accept a wolf howl of appreciation and these words from an Irish blessing which epitomize my feelings….

      “A threefold blessing before they go:
      Sleep for the weary, peace for sorrow
      Faith in yesterday and tomorrow.
      Those who go from here, let them carry
      The blessing of hope wherever they tarry.
      Lintel and window, sill and wall,
      Nothing but good this place befall.”

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