4 thoughts on “Chaiku: Velvet Background

  1. Hello WM – beautiful image, words of truth. Thank you – my sorrow is selfish I admit as I battle a stubborn infection. Scary and exhausting.
    Peace and love to you

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    1. I’m so sad to hear you’re unwell! It’s okay to be selfish, you need to focus all your energy on fighting off the infection and getting better. I know it’s scary and exhausting. 😦 I will be sending lots of prayers and blessings your way and checking in on you. Love, MW


  2. wktucker

    Thank you for the star showers of love, and wishing you the same.
    Somehow, I turned off notifications of new posts on your blog, MW. I have rectified my mistake and see I have a little catching up to do. 😊 blessed be, my friend. ❤️

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