5 thoughts on “Chaiku: Autumn Leaves

  1. I was typing you the most brilliant comment EVER written in appreciation of this, you, and my sincere appreciation of the new art form, the “chaiku” – and somehow my comment disappeared. Seems appropriate, i guess, since it cleverly left room for new things. So I will simply say how glad I am that you found me way out in cyberspace, dear MW. I too wondered how you were, and missed your humor and caring spirit. Peace out and in!


    1. Darn! I want to see the most brilliant comment EVER written. Technology is a cruel mistress! I await your next most brilliant comment ever, with bated breath. No pressure though. LOL We sure had a lovely band of kindred spirits back in the day, didn’t we? It was a wonderful experience with a community of people I hold dear in my heart. Missed you, RA! _/|\_ MW


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