What Is Chaiku?

Chaiku” is a hybrid word I came up with to describe my series of micro-poetry. Akin to haiku, chaiku is a soul sigh –  it is the essence of a story, a poignant moment in time, an awareness and a lived experience captured and conveyed in the brevity of ‘one breath.’

Chai חי means LIFE in Hebrew. Chai, along with its numerical value of 18 in Gematria, is a highly significant word and number in Judaism, used in countless aspects of Jewish life.

Ku is a multi-layered Japanese word meaning: Verse of poetry, expression or idiom, pain, suffering and hardship.

Ku is also one of The Three Truths in Buddhism. Ku is non-substantiality, meaning that which can not be perceived with the five senses or with the grasping self. It is nothingness and yet it is evolving and dynamic, where everything is in everything else. Ku is a spiritually fluid space of latent potential or possibilities in flux. 

© 2005 Mother Wintermoon

38 thoughts on “What Is Chaiku?

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    1. I often follow the 5-7-5 haiku structure just because it exists as a westernized construct, but I’m not a stickler about it. As long as it’s three short lines and a story told in very few words, I don’t worry about the syllable count. Please link back to me if you try your hand at it. Thank you for your visit and comment. Best wishes to you, MW

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  2. I love your Blog! And I decided to Follow back soon! I am an artist I am sure you experienced that visiting and following my Blog I express my creativity in many different ways and mediums visually and not. I also love to write poems, haiku and 50 words stories. I like your concept and idea of Chaiku is very inspiring! ❤ in love and light! Carolina

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      1. Your work/words absolutely deserve more recognition. Have you looked into to Yoga facilities or sites brochures (some product company) that may want to republish your ideas? I think you should definitely look into further brand publishing or whatever -Great Reads!

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  5. I am all for encouraging the creation of words, do it myself often in speech & in certain forms of writing. Love “Chaiku.” Thought it might have been a form of Haiku when I saw the name of the page. But “Life” & “Verse” is wonderful. I would love to see in what form your Chaiku appears. jk

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    1. Yes! I love creating words and discovering words other people create. You were correct about it being a form haiku with my own personal twist. I’ve posted some and will post more. In my menu bar you’ll find a Chaiku option that will take you to the ones previously posted. Thanks bunches for your lovely words and feedback.

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