Forsaken Supplication

Forsaken supplication,
slivers of fractured sunlight,
filtered through stained glass,
warming her fragile flesh~
Swaying with bended knees,
in this primordial House of God,
walls whispering tales of ancient lust~
Encased in prayer she awaits,
invocations in The Holy Tongue,
escaping unbidden from her lips~
Her soul cries for release and vindication,
corporeal scars uncovered,
her robes turned to ashes and dust~
The Bride enters,
a likeness cloaked in amber shadows,
formed from shards of brokenness~
Secrets of suffering revealed,
in rivulets of tears, carving patterns,
into timeworn stone

© 2017 All Rights Reserved

“The Holy Tongue” – Lashon HaKodesh in Hebrew – refers to the Hebrew language.

“The Bride” – Kallah in Hebrew – The Bride is welcomed as the Divine Feminine face of Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) in “Lecha Dodi,” a Hebrew song integral to Friday night services.

Cheers and l’chayim to OLN at dVerse Poet’s Pub and Mish, who used the expression “If walls could talk” as our inspiration.