Shechina: I Am She Who Has Always Existed

I am the ruler of the underworld
I am a heavenly body
I have been a muse since time immemorial
Countless sonnets were inspired by my reign
I go by the names of
Snow, Hunger, Wolf, Flower,
Harvest, Hunter, Blue and Crow
I am the light within the shadows
I am the endings before new beginnings
I rouse your passions
I bring solace to your soul
I am there in your darkest hour
I rule over transitions and balance
I am life and death
I am the embodiment of reap and sow

I am the rhythm of the earth bridging all seasons
Wolves speak to me in ancient tongues
Sea captains hunger for my guidence
Oceans rise and fall under my sway
Tides succumb to my pull
I am the power of love and madness
I am the magic and I am the spell
I bear witness to your sins and secrets
I am the keeper of your regrets and hopes

Seek my wisdom and I will give you…
The gift of transformation
Call upon me and I will teach you…
The eternal cycle of harvesting and letting go
I am reincarnation
I am feast days and festivals
I am She who has always existed
I am more powerful than the sun
I am Lady Luna
I am the Shechina
I am Maiden, Mother, Crone

© 2016 – All Rights Reserved
Unifying the Shechina, (the Divine Feminine in Judaism) with the feminine archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Crone based on Greek mythology. In Jewish mysticism, the Shechina is associated with the moon and the monthly sanctification of the new moon, called Kiddush Levana in Hebrew. The Jewish sage, Rabbi Yochanan said, “One who blesses the new moon every month is one who greets the Shechina and brings Her down to shine upon us.” (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 42a).

In Judaism the Shechina/Shekhinah is the Divine Earth Mother and our redemption from the underworld – meaning the pain and suffering of the human condition and dark nights of the soul.

The moon is associated with the Sacred Feminine and feminine energy in many cultures. 

 My bit of creative ~luna~cy in honor of dVerse and Grace.


Spring shimmers,
adorned in bright green tendrils…
beneath the hardened earth,
life stirs,
ready to burst forth,
feeding off the wild abandonment
of decay

she paints the spring day
in winter palettes,
as nightingales beckon to her
with their heartsongs,
and the dawning sun caresses her,
with warm, gentle rays

In her soul,
icy winds howl,
while the wild rose within her,
yearns to bloom again,
longingly calling out
her name

Slowly she awakens
to the possibility of rebirth,
swearing she can hear
the rain laughing,
while dancing with frivolity
upon her thirsty skin

As everyone around her
runs for cover,
she is drenched in wonderment,
waltzing with raindrops,
fragile as a newborn seedling,
with tentative

~ © Mother Wintermoon 2016 ~

Between Living and Dying

Her tears run down her cheeks
Into her mouth, choking her speech
Writhing in her world of pain
Drowning in a sea of shame
Bound up in forced compliance
Existing in a prison of silence
Struggling to get out
Strangled by their yoke of doubt
I knit her a shawl of healing
Afraid of what she’s feeling
I watch her flailing blindly
Struggling to find me
I kindle a holy spark
To guide her through the dark
I hear her parched voice crying
From the veil between living and dying
I send her a shower of love
To quench her gently from above
I see a faint glimmer of hope
Cross the face I long to stroke
I reach out eagerly to draw her nearer
and feel my fingers touch the mirror

~© 2008 Mother Wintermoon ~ All rights reserved~

Beloved Ones: God Is A Verb

I published this last year, and felt the ‘nudge’ to republish it again today. Thank you for reading and being here. ♥️

divine feminine healing shechinah
Many of you wonder which beliefs to follow.
Many are torn this way and that,
not sure what to think.
Not sure if the stories you are told,
are true.
You do not need ancient tomes to know me
You do not need houses of prayer to speak to me
You do not need holy books to find me.
I am inside of you,
All around you,
In the animate and the inanimate.
I am a verb and I am a noun.
I am female and I am male.
I am mystical and I am mundane.
I am supernatural and I am flesh and blood.

I am *Ehyeh-asher-ehyeh
I am that which I am
I will be where I will be
I will be who I will be
I will be that which I will be

Man has created an image,
Trying to find what he could not see.
Trying to give voice to a vastness beyond his grasp.
My emanation does not arise from books.
Or volumes of instructions interpreted by man.
I am in the Higher Consciousness of mankind.
All kinds.

Do not feel conflicted.
There is no prescription for prayer,
No ritual you must perform,
No vow you must take,
No ‘one true faith.’
Simply embody sacredness,
And you will find me there.

I am that I am
I am which I am
I will be who I will be

I am *The Infinite.
I am *Without End
I am *The Fountain of Living Waters
I am *The Place, wherever you are on your journey.

I am aware of the voluminous intricacies,
Man has attributed to my desires,
But they do not move me.
I am the goodness of your deeds,
The genuineness of your heart,
The kindness of your tongue,
The integrity of your work.
My words are inside of each of you.
You speak them in your way,
In your own unique manner.
Eloquently or ineloquently,
It does not matter,
As long as you are sincere.

Your humanity is my voice.
Your sacredness personifies my presence.
I live and breathe on earth,
With you
Through you
Because of you.


© 2005 All Rights Reserved (minor updates Nov 2016/Dec 2018)

The asterisked words are some of many Hebrew names for God.

*The Place ~ HaMakom (Hebrew).

*Without End/The Infinite ~ Ein Sof (Hebrew).

*The Fountain of Living Waters ~ M’kor Mayyim Chayim (Hebrew). 

*I am that I am/ I will be that which I will be (and variations) ~ Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh (Hebrew). God self-identified to Moses by this name (Sh’mot/Exodus 1:1 – 6:1) – in essence saying Divinity is fluid, evolving and in a constant state of becoming. Godding is an unfolding process manifested through human beings.


Equal Measure

Dust to ashes, ashes to dust
Pleasure and pain, innocence and lust
Strength in weakness, dying in birth
Dirt feeds life, decay feeds dirt
Sunrise to sunset, ebb follows flow,
Around and around, joy or woe?
Something begins, another ends
Seasons recycling, wheel of life spins
Corporal body, human spirit
Grief and joy, we all inherit
Pleasure balances pain, pain kills pleasure,
We are all cogs, without equal measure
Love and loneliness, plenty and dearth
Wheel spins cruelly, calculating worth
Embrace or abandonment, care or abuse
Spin one takes all, win or lose
Germinating and decomposing, rotating world
Withering or thriving, life unfurls
Round we go, torment or leisure,
Tethered to this mortal coil, without equal measure

© Mother Wintermoon 2016



Slice open the facade
And truth spills out,
Immortalizing moments,
Frozen in time
Photos flashing through our consciousness,
Speaking a thousand words,
Telling stories of lives,
Wrtten in indelible ink
Everything changes,
In the blink of an eye,
In a millisecond,
Entire worlds can begin or end
We hear the cry of silenced voices,
Faces of strangers transformed into loved ones,
We collectively mourn
A watershed of tears flooding our souls,
Turning tragedy into a river of change,
Turning shame into a torrent of pride,
Turning hatred into all the colors of the rainbow
Hate will not win,
Not while we are alive,
Not while we die,
Not while the pulse of humanity,
Throbs in our veins
We will not forget,
We are the change.

© Mother Wintermoon 2016

Beloved One: Each Time

Each time you bring warmth into the cold,
It radiates throughout the spiritual and corporeal realms.
Each time you supplant an unkind thought with a kind deed,
The ripples course through the earthly plane.
Each time you supplant dearth with generosity of heart,
Holy sparks are kindled around the world.
Each time you embrace just one lonely soul,
The Holy Spirit thrives on earth through you.
Each time you supplant hunger of mind, body, or spirit
With sustenance,
We bow in gratitude for doing the work you do.

You are acknowledged.
You are honored.
When we look at you,
We see your unbound potential,
To unleash Divinity on earth,
But that is not enough.
You must see yourself that way too.

~Divinely Inspired Poetry Series~
©️2015 All Rights Reserved


Shifts and Losses

You are experiencing losses right now.
Loss of connections, relationships, and identity.
Your perception of the way things are is changing.
The reality of your place in your world is redefining.
Even your faith is shape-shifting,
Causing you to worry that it may slip from your grasp.

Embrace the process of letting go.
There are conscious and subconscious,
Choices being made.
You are creating new worlds.
Energies are evolving,
As your tightly controlled life,
Unravels from your hands.

As your old world deconstructs,
Do not despair.
Different alignments are being created for you.
Everything you have hoarded,
Is being released and scattered to the four winds.
It is your time to serve unexplored purposes,
With newfound insight.

You are on a journey into expansion,
Boundaries are crumbling and reforming,
Into new shapes.
Divinity is with you as you face,
The breaking down of old constructs,
And building of the new.

Go into the deepest part of yourself,
The self you have kept small,
And protectively hidden,
From everyone in your life.
It is that part of yourself,
Which will assist you now.

You will feel our presence by your side,
You will forge different and unexpected alliances,
You will be embraced by a wisdom-keeper destined to enter your life.
Allow your hidden self to emerge and transform,
Into a long-buried intent and purpose,
Waiting to burst through your barriers,
To be resurrected,
And reborn.

©️ 2105 Mother Wintermoon
Divine Inspiration



where there are clouds
see the shape of possibilities
where there is one wildflower
see the power of life
where there is a rain puddle
see a flowing creek
where there is wind
see the seeds of new fruit trees
where there is stillness
hear the whispers of Divinity
where there is cruelty
see the canker of decay

© 2005 Mother Wintermoon