Beloved Ones: God Is A Verb

I published this last year, and felt the ‘nudge’ to republish it again today. Thank you for reading and being here. ♥️

divine feminine healing shechinah
Many of you wonder which beliefs to follow.
Many are torn this way and that,
not sure what to think.
Not sure if the stories you are told,
are true.
You do not need ancient tomes to know me
You do not need houses of prayer to speak to me
You do not need holy books to find me.
I am inside of you,
All around you,
In the animate and the inanimate.
I am a verb and I am a noun.
I am female and I am male.
I am mystical and I am mundane.
I am supernatural and I am flesh and blood.

I am *Ehyeh-asher-ehyeh
I am that which I am
I will be where I will be
I will be who I will be
I will be that which I will be

Man has created an image,
Trying to find what he could not see.
Trying to give voice to a vastness beyond his grasp.
My emanation does not arise from books.
Or volumes of instructions interpreted by man.
I am in the Higher Consciousness of mankind.
All kinds.

Do not feel conflicted.
There is no prescription for prayer,
No ritual you must perform,
No vow you must take,
No ‘one true faith.’
Simply embody sacredness,
And you will find me there.

I am that I am
I am which I am
I will be what I will be

I am *The Infinite.
I am *Without End
I am *The Place, wherever you are on your journey.

I am aware of the voluminous intricacies,
Man has attributed to my desires,
But they do not move me.
I am the goodness of your deeds,
The genuineness of your heart,
The kindness of your tongue,
The integrity of your work.
My words are inside of each of you.
You speak them in your way,
In your own unique manner.
Eloquently or ineloquently,
It does not matter,
As long as you are sincere.

Your humanity is my voice.
Your sacredness personifies my presence.
I live and breathe on earth,
With you
Through you
Because of you.


© 2005 All Rights Reserved (minor updates Nov 2016/Dec 2018)

Asterisked words are a few of the many Hebrew names for God:

*The Place ~ HaMakom (Hebrew).

*Without End/Endless ~ Ein Sof (Hebrew/Kabbalah).

*I am that I am/ I will be what I will be (and variations) ~ Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh (Hebrew). When Moses asked God “What shall I call you?” at the burning bush, God self-identified by this name, essentially telling Moses “I am fluidity, I am evolving, I am becoming, I am a process unfolding.” (Sh’mot/Exodus 1:1 – 6:1)