Bee Goddess!

The card I drew today was Bee Goddess!

The Bee Goddess really got me buzzing!

In mysticism bees are regarded as spirit messengers. ‘Talking to the bees’ was a way to relay messages to loved ones who passed over.

In yogic doctrine, where each chakra emits a different sound, the Muladhara (root chakra) emits a hum likened in yogic literature to the hum of a bumblebee.

Throughout the Mediterranean, the appearance of bees marked the divine feminine energy of the spring season and its qualities of rebirth, renewal and fertility.

Ephesan coins from the 5th century BCE depict a queen bee as the Great Mother, connected to womb healing and divine sexuality.

In ancient texts the Bee Goddess represents the spirit becoming intoxicated with the pollen of knowledge.

In Hebrew, the word for bee is devorah (Deborah), the name of the Hebrew Prophetess, Devorah. The bee is the only creature that has the Hebrew word dabar as its root. Dabar is the Hebrew word for speak – l’dabar is the infinitive “to speak.” (V and B are the same letter in the Hebrew alphabet).

So what is the relationship between bee and dabar? The Hebrew word for honey symbolizes your thoughts flowing out through your lips in the words that you speak and the way you communicate. Do your words reflect your intentions? Are you communicating authentically and effectively?

In Shamanism, the world’s oldest healing tradition, bees inhabited the sacred grove, the enchanted forest and the timeless realm between the living and the dead. Honey was considered a taste of wisdom from the other world. Bee Shamanism is said to awaken the Sacred Feminine.

Bees were familiars of the Goddess and referred as the “Birds of the Muses.”

Bee Shamanism has its roots with the Melissae — Bee Priestesses in Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. Melissai (or Melissae) are Greek and Latin words for bees. The Melissai prophesied through oracular trances. The Greek word for this state of altered consciousness is enthusiasmos, meaning within is a god, the root of the word enthusiasm.

The knowledge of the Bee Goddess and Bee Prophetess is considered to be stern (like a sting) and enlightening by opening your mind to Truth and Clarity you could not see or face before.

🐝…MW 🙏

Deck UsedMystic Sisters

Gorgeous cards from the Mystic Sisters Deck

13 thoughts on “Bee Goddess!

    1. Mother Wintermoon

      I just reread this post on a whim and realized I made a typo. B and V are the same letter in Hebrew. Not B and D. How funny that I caught it just now, all this time later. Better late, than never I suppose.


    1. Mother Wintermoon

      I just reread this post on a whim and realized I made a typo. B and V (Bet/Vet) are the same letter in Hebrew, not B and D (Bet, Dalet). Funny that I caught it now, nearly a year later. Better late than never I suppose. 😊


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