Home sweet home
Neat houses all in a row
Faux gaslights imparting
A soft, subtle glow

Her house looks no different
With its white shaded porch
Yet evil lies in wait
Behind the closed door

In the shadow of privilege
She cowers in fear
Her cries at odds
with the serene night air

The red peonies she planted
Are the color of her blood
The dead patch on the emerald lawn
Mirrors his “love”

If you look closely
You’ll see something askew
Maybe a jagged edge
Within the lines of smooth

©️ 2020 MW / DV survivor

13 thoughts on “Suburbia

  1. Mother Witherspoon, domestic violence hides right in front of us in the most idyllic of places. One of the talents of the perpetrators is the ability to act normal in front of others. One of the sad facts, is the victims will assume blame and explain away bruises to friends and relatives.

    In an agency that helps working homeless families (I was involved with), about 1/3 of the homeless families were due to DV. The mother lost her home, 1/2 her income and was abused. Our social workers had to refine our Trauma Informed Care to recognize the additional traumas of these families.

    I have shared this story before, but a man I know who became involved in helping battered women, did so because of what happened to his sister. Her seven siblings had no idea her husband was beating her until he killed her. He was also beating the kids, lifting them up and hitting their heads into the ceiling. They lived in one of the neighborhoods you define above.

    If we see something amiss, we must reach out to her giving her a window. He will not change. It is a control thing. Signals will be not being able to do things on her own. his controlling conversation with others in front of her, and that hauntingly sad look.


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    1. Mother Wintermoon

      Thank you for raising awareness of the signs and working to help women, children and families traumatized by DV. You are a true advocate! It’s true — abusers don’t change and women are most endangered when they leave. Many blessings upon you, MW


      1. Thanks MW. I was not sure if this was your intent, but this is my takeaway. We live in one of those suburbs and a neighbor and friend whose wedding we attended was abused by her new husband. One night she brought her daughter to stay with us because of the abuse that night. We begged her to also stay and call the police. She would not. Fortunately, she survived the ordeal and got divorced, but it does not often work out they way. Keith

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        1. Mother Wintermoon

          It’s good to know you and your wife were there for her and her daughter. Keep up your great work in the world! You make a difference. I’m relieved she got out safely.


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