Cast your stones upon the ruins
Cast your runes upon the stones
Take now what the future holds
Think only of what is in your bones

©️ 2020 All Rights Reserved

This little poem is literally something I dreamed up. I usually read Oracle or Angel cards, not runes, yet I dreamed about runes and remembered the words to this poem when I woke up.Take now what the future holds?” Food for thought!

9 thoughts on “Runes/Ruins

    1. Hi Keith! 😊🤩So good to see you! How are you? I sometimes remember my dreams and sometimes don’t. This one I remembered very clearly upon wakening. If I remember, I have to write it down right away or poof! It’s gone!


  1. Love you poem and the dreams that inspired it. I also dream whole paintings into being. Step by step like I’m in an art class and being instructed. Many of my poems also were dreamt first. I am going to look at some more of your posts now. Happy to meet you and sending you love❤️

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    1. Hi Mark! Hope you’re faring well. I had this in my drafts since 2018! I was thinking I had this dream last year, but nope, it was two years ago on April 15th! Almost to the day. I had it in my journal. Sheltering in place has me on the path to rediscovering things. Going to sift through my journals and all my drafts. Who knows what might turn up?

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      1. Going well thank you dear lady. I think it is the ‘clean up’ of our lives while having this break, attending all those ‘must do’ things that end up being ‘never do’ we don’t seem to get time for 😂 🤣

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