9 thoughts on “Chaiku: Clay Feet

      1. Well said. It is pretty obvious to those who pay attention, but those groups do not wish to look. I think it a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance. If they admit the obvious, for some reason they think it reflects poorly on them.

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        1. They’re cultees (that’s what I call members of a cult). Eagerly drank from the 45 punch bowl with a blind fold on and still doing it. I feel like our convo was evolving in this direction so I just went for it! 😉 I never fell for that dog and pony show.

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          1. MW, he is acting like he always has. He just has a bigger platform. Five biographers have all noted the president has a problem with the truth – but they wrote this a long time ago. Yet, a favorite quote is from an attorney named Thomas Wells, who worked for Trump, who wrote in the summer of 2016, “Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. Keith

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