The Serpent Goddess winds up your spine
Wrapping around your wounded heart
Evoking cool ocean breezes
Followed by the heat of the desert sun
A wild taste of freedom shoots upward
Engaging every inch of your existence
In a sensual dance
Droplets of blood rain fall steadily
Washing away all your pain
Colors flash through your cerebral cortex
Fiery red flashes of anger
Indigo blue ripples of peace
Sea green waves of bitterness
Amber orange rays of hope

You become an Old World lizard
A hungry panther
An Indian Star tortoise bridging heaven and earth

An angel with steely wings
Swoops in
Challenging your beliefs
Pitting itself against your humaneness
Pressing sharp talons into your flesh

You become billows of smoke
Purging and cleansing
Your tortured soul

You are a crystal clear river now
Flowing fiercely and freely
Calmly and powerfully
Kundalini’s work is done

Cheers to Open Link Night at dVerse and our gracious host, Grace.

Β© 2017 MW πŸ™ All Rights Reserved

Kundalini is divine feminine energy in the form of a coiled snake that lies dormant at the base of the spine. A Kundalini Awakening is an intensely powerful spiritual experience through altered and expanded states of consciousness that uncoils the snake and pulls the energy up through the chakras to the crown. Kundalini energy is the source of our creative power and spiritual gifts.

In Kabbalah, the serpent represents our ego-self. Ego-self blocks our connection to Source.

46 thoughts on “Kundalini

  1. “Indigo black ripples of peace
    Sea green waves of bitterness
    Amber orange rays of hope”

    How you assign colors to peace, bitterness and hope! Above all in the last stanza, the struggles being rewarded with freedom. Wonderfully laced together.

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  2. Oh I do love your writing!
    “Colors flash through your cerebral cortex
    Fiery red flashes of anger
    Indigo black ripples of peace
    Sea green waves of bitterness
    Amber orange rays of hope”…….Wonderful connection of colors to imagery.

    I think I am most atune with anything about the spine these past few weeks….have had much pain which has finally been named as degeneration of disc and arthritis in the spine. Am going the route of Egoscue in terms of moving to painfree naturally….so I’d like to think my spine is now sending me soothing colors as after 1 week of these special exercises there is a growing relief….so I also relate to being a shapeshifter and moving from the fires to a coolness and ease of waters flowing.
    Somehow, your writing is mystical for me! πŸ™‚
    Really enjoyed this one!

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    1. Abudant thanks to you, Lillian. I adore your comments and love knowing which aspects speak to you. I’m so sorry to hear about your spine pain. Sending healing thoughts and energy your way. May you continue to find relief and experience a complete recovery. (((hugs))) ❀️


  3. These few lines spoke to me greatly.

    “An angel with steely wings
    Swoops in
    Challenging your beliefs”

    To change, we need someone to challenge what we believe or show us the hypocrisy of what we do through contrasting examples.

    Within a week of finishing John Grisham’s book “Street Lawyer,” a friend invited me to join a Board of Directors of an agency helping working homeless families. The key words that still strike my heart – working and families, that are homeless.

    Sorry for the digression. Well done, Keith

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    1. Hi Keith! It’s good to see you again. Thank you for your feedback on my poem. I really appreciate knowing which parts resonated with you the most.

      I couldn’t agree more about the heart-rending reality of those key words. Working and families, that are homeless, should not be anyone’s reality. I’ve been homeless myself. You are making a difference. Thank you for sharing that part of yourself with me. I haven’t read Street Lawyer. I’m going to get it for my Kindle. Peace and blessings upon you, MW

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      1. MW, many thanks. I hope you enjoy it. I am sorry you found yourself in that situation. When I have spoken to Sunday school or rotary groups, people are surprised when I tell them our clients have jobs (sometimes several) and are homeless. Take care, Keith

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  4. Wow how wonderfully you describe the Kundalini, the way it works and the way it is to be accepted.
    The cleansing of the mind and body surely brings peace around us. Thanks
    Let the word spread.
    Love to You

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  5. gaileeann2016

    Dear MWM – and so you powerfully imaged the difficult journey to surrender – the passionate truth burning within until freedom cools one’s burning pain – and you arrive unto yourself – amazing ,loved it
    Love Gail

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