Into this hallowed chamber,
harshness enters,
bruising my knees,
weighing down my outstretched arms.

Icicles of despair linger,
suspended in frozen air,
taunting voices whisper,
mocking my faith,
drowning out the chorus of prayers.

The face of your image looms,
burned into my naked flesh,
i arise! in defiance of,
this sham salvation.

The angels shiver,
trembling against fragile glass,
shattering the panes,
into bright pieces
of sharpened resolve.

© 2016 MW All Rights Reserved

Cheers to dVerse and Bjorn. Our prompt is to work the shadows of light and dark.

43 thoughts on “Defiance

      1. Sweet Lady, you are missed, you were one of the very first true friends I had on WP I would never forget you, your presence here is needed. I totally get the writers block though – just know I think of you and I am sending you much love and a big hug and if ever I can be of any help you must let me know, we need to stick together – be well my friend and please come back soon. Love you – Candice xxxxx ( you are valued xo

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  1. Dear MWM oh yes, the theme of surrender is expressed and felt, known and longed for. This powerful poem screams of surrender knowing once given in that there is a resolve – much like the force of an aggressive lover where one fights against the ‘will’ only to collapse in to the truth and allow it to “be” to take over, to resolve….leaving one weak and yet satisfied.

    Love, Gail

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  2. I love your close to a sharpened resolve following the defiance of indifference. Sometimes, we need a wake up call to gather our fortitude and indifference is an emotion of apathy that can be more offensive than antagonism.

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    1. Yes Keith exactly! Indifference is more offensive and can be more dangerous as it’s often cloaked and presented as something else. I was wondering if this poem was too obscure. Thank you! I appreciate your insight and comment!

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  3. i muSt say.. mY
    friEnd.. iN my
    of stain glass
    into dArk iS
    A way
    i fELt
    in metaphor
    as a Trump and
    not a horn was lauded…
    iT could be funny now for
    ‘unbelievers’.. iF hE wasn’t real…

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  4. Hi MWM and Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas season to you ❤ your words are on fire – sharp and edged, piercing and passionate- filled with truth – and so it is that when we surrender we have hope again – a new light to emerges from the struggle in the darkness – – a way to "be" that is true – no matter what that truth is
    Love Gail

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        1. I kept it simple too. Holidays can be really tough times emotionally. I’m glad you had a loving, peaceful day. Those are the best kind! Thank you for your feedback on my poem. It is very much appreciated. (((Hugs))) and love, MW 💜💕


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