Forsaken Supplication

Forsaken supplication,
slivers of fractured sunlight,
filtered through stained glass,
warming her fragile flesh~
Swaying with bended knees,
in this primordial House of God,
walls whispering tales of ancient lust~
Encased in prayer she awaits,
invocations in The Holy Tongue,
escaping unbidden from her lips~
Her soul cries for release and vindication,
corporeal scars uncovered,
her robes turned to ashes and dust~
The Bride enters,
a likeness cloaked in amber shadows,
formed from shards of brokenness~
Secrets of suffering revealed,
in rivulets of tears,
carving patterns,
into time worn stone

© 2017 All Rights Reserved


  • The Holy Tongue – Lashon HaKodesh (Hebrew) – refers to the Hebrew language.
  • The Bride – Kallah (Hebrew) – the Divine Feminine face of Shabbat in “Lecha Dodi,” a Hebrew song integral to Friday night services.

Cheers and l’chayim to OLN at dVerse Poet’s Pub and Mish, who used the expression “If walls could talk” as our inspiration. 

51 thoughts on “Forsaken Supplication

  1. Gail A Eichinger

    Hello MWM – oh these words set me on fire – bring me to darkness – fill me with surrender – your poetic truths are like swords – rough edged in their raw honesty – as I feel him, the priest, his hands, hear his lies, feel the promise of the risen Christ in his betrayal – I followed him,even when the back f his hand stung my cheek, I was believing he was saving me – in time, I saved myself, with my faith still there – I freed myself from him –
    how did you know?
    Love Gail

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my dear Gail, sharing your lived experience is a powerful gift which helps other people suffering spiritually in silence, to know they are not alone. Your courage, strength and willingness to speak openly from the depths of your soul fills me with gratitude and thankfulness for your presence in the world and my sphere of existence.

      “Your poetic truths are like swords – rough edged in their raw honesty”…. I’m so deeply honored to be the recipient of those words. How did I know? The words just bleed out, insisting to be released. I think we are together and united in our ‘knowingness.’ Abundant peace and love to you, Momma Moon xo 💜xo


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