Smoke Signals

Raindrops glistening
like diamonds
mined from human tears
my faith turned into
an empty closet full of lies 
broken promises amassing
into piles of old bones
listening in vain
for familiar footsteps
throwing the feathers
of broken wings
into the fireplace
transforming them
into smoke signals
singeing the sunset
with Your name


Cheers to dVerse and poet Victoria. Our word of the day is “feathers.” 

54 thoughts on “Smoke Signals

  1. omegakat

    Your poem touched me … We all have experienced the pain wrought by lies and broken promises, and you put that feeling into words so well.

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              1. And I can truly respond in the same kindness and say that you are most unique individual with such an artistic soul.

                Also truly, I think much of your poems should be duplicated, reprinted on posters throughout the world for positive reinforcement and encouragement to others. 🙂

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  2. Definitely a familiar feelings, so poignantly expressed. I especially love the transformation of the feathers transforming to smoke, singeing the sunset with her name. A painful cry to the heavens, dissipates…..

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