Drumbeat of Sorrow

Mankind, I shall see you again
standing at the entrance to the
Rainbow Bridge
waiting for direction
feet traversing stepping stones
on a new horizon
where Spirit will awaken
the drumbeat of sorrow
at what you have wrought
tears shall overflow your eyes
as you behold our magnificence
your soul will tremble
with the cadence of pain
as you gaze upon the Medicine Wheel
you have desecrated
and the feather of the Great Spirit
you have so carelessly trampled
here, within the Sacred Hoop
we are your teachers
we are your healers
we are the stewards of your fate

© Mother Wintermoon 2016 — In loving memory of Cecil the magnificent lion and Harambe, the rare and majestic silverback gorilla, whose lives were ended by human idiocy and disregard for the sacredness of wild animal life.

Cheers to Open Link Night at dVerse with bard Bjorn.

45 thoughts on “Drumbeat of Sorrow

  1. Hi Mother Wintermoon, what a wonderful return to your blog, One can’t help feel for nature and all the animals slowly slipping from our psych, as we strip their habitat, and poison the earth that they share with us, it is enough to cause a mental breakdown, so I am pleased that I wrote last nights poem and am privileged to have read this wonderful poem, with all the symbols worked so effortlessly into the text, I’m sure Jung would have been very proud of this piece,
    and I even though not really a Jungian love it. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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    1. So true, it is a depressing state of affairs. Such senseless destruction. Oh what man hath wrought. Thanks much for your comment and feedback my friend. I love your writing… Always look forward to more. Blessings upon you, MW

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    1. The touch of poison… Yes. What an apt and poignant turn of phrase. We are the arsenic in the tea. Over millennia of evolution we have yet to evolve beyond the poison in our touch. Thanks much for your feedback Freya. x


  2. We have definitely failed to cherish and protect these gifts of nature that we have been given and your poem gives us a unique perspective. I have much respect for the references you’ve made to the Medicine Wheel and the Great Spirit.

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  3. LZ

    I know I am so wrong in the head, but I have to tell you what I see here:

    “mankind, I shall see you again
    standing at the entrance to the[e]”

    I hear the animal as the speaker, talking to the human about standing at his “entrance” (which to me, might be his hiney … but it could be his mouth) … either way, I see this as a version of ripping someone “a new one,” so to speak. 🙂 The lion or the gorilla opening a new hole in the man, or mankind, as it were.

    I know. I’m a little bit cray-cray. 😉

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  4. What a lovely poem to honor two glorious souls that gave their lives to bring our attention to something so vital. It’s so easy to pass by when animals are killed. These fellas brought significant attention to some horrific behavior on our part.

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  5. A lovely share wintermoon. I hope we learn before its too late. I have watched all of nature documentaries and I really find it sad that we are driving them away to extinction.

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