your golden heart to me
your bruised roots
Let me whisper
your soul
into bloom

your violet hues to me
Let me taste
your crimson pain
With every piercing thorn
on your stem
I bleed life
into your wilted soul

© 2016 all rights reserved

Quadrille #16 for dVerse, hosted by Victoria, who prompts us to open to our inner muse using the word “open” in our 44 words.

68 thoughts on “Open

  1. The giver..
    the nurturer..
    the people pleaser
    too.. the Nurse who now
    cannot separate emotions
    from healing others whole..
    but a caution
    to the all
    for rest
    as the injured
    loves are more than
    few.. and bodies too..
    White Knights
    of Arcs
    and even
    Mother Teresa’s
    have felled to long dARk
    niGhts of the soUl as those
    who love others more than
    self of preservation now…
    sad.. how much
    love iS
    iN the
    history of those
    eYes that cavern now..
    And i think the clinical
    term for that is Draining..
    or the Hero Archetype who falls to dARk..
    and in my opinion.. likely associated with
    Fibromyalgia too.. as Angels are Human2..:)

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          1. Hi.. i left an alternate link that might not have been accepted if you have your settings set not to allow urls..

            If that is the case.. spelled out it is katiemiafrederick dot blogspot dot com and that version that mirrors the WordPress Blog is much faster to open and usually works on slower computers and or Internet access..:)


              1. Hi.. back.. i didn’t see my previous comment.. but on my
                desktop it says it is awaiting moderation.. probably
                because of the link i provided.. in case
                you didn’t see that comment..
                i will paste the part
                of that here
                with no link..:)

                The Word Press Version does not handle the intense use of visual poetry that i use to complement what is currently technically the longest long form poem ever at 703 Macro-verses and over 3.3 Million words long.. If in print.. In terms of paper.. Over 30K pages long..

                It’s a hobby just for fun and the Word Press Version takes a very powerful computer and really BROAD band access to open up..

                Winks.. Technology has almost caught up with me.. But i continue to challenge Moore’s Law and cultural norms in general.. Even in the poetry world.. But ha! History proves i’m in good company with the ‘craayyyyzzy ones’.. i don’t use sidewalks..;)

                And now i say..
                i cannot open the
                Word Press Version
                of my blog with my iPhone5s..
                but no problem with my iPhone6s
                with an LTE connection.. and with
                my wife’s Micro-Soft based HP computer
                i cannot open up any of it.. and it is the
                same year.. 2013.. of my iMAC computer..
                it’s more of an issue likely that your
                Computer and Internet access
                hasn’t met a blog
                of close to
                the Nature of
                what i present there..
                And as my wife tries to
                come up with a label for
                me as a person.. all she
                can say is “you’re something”..
                haha.. but you know this is the
                poetry world.. and that shouldn’t
                be a surprise i thought.. but i often
                find as in the old days of Whitman and
                others.. some folks are still on guard with
                of we..
                anyway.. thanks
                for asking.. life is busy..
                and Lord Knows if i still
                worked.. wouldn’t have time
                to even write 300 words on the
                Internet vs.. the 12 million words
                i’ve done since ThanksGiving Day
                of 2010.. i was never a word person
                but with the loss of my eyesight and
                hearing.. effectively with what is
                termed as type two Trigeminal
                Neuralgia.. the worst pain
                known to humankind
                from wake to
                sleep for
                66 months like
                a dentist drill without
                Novocaine.. that yes.. in
                my case was in my right
                eye and ear.. i had to find
                a hobby in hell.. and i had
                no other choice but to
                become words
                my friend…
                as no drug
                would touch
                that pain..
                along the line my
                soul came back and the
                pain went away.. and now
                i am just a dam of Love
                of hell..
                and a dancing one too..
                anyway.. i’m thinking
                the other link will likely
                work.. particularly if you
                have an iPhone6s or later..
                and with the new 7 it should be
                a breeze as it is with a Samsung
                7 too.. as Moore’s Law finally
                catches up to all i do..
                my friend..
                Have a great day..
                for me at least Life
                is the gift that has no limit
                in sharing and giving.. my FriEnd..
                somehow visiting hell for 66 months
                made it that way for me.. an adaptation i guess.. to Heaven..
                no.. i reAlly don’t
                have to guess..
                there is no
                doubt.. in faCt..
                as i live it now..
                a much better place in liGht..:)

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                1. I’m so deeply sorry about your health situation and your chronic pain. Now I understand. Your writing (3.3 million words, wow!!) is like an extreme sport that takes you out of your reality and your poetic comments are your outlet for interaction and creative distraction. I’m glad you have the use of a computer to provide that for you. Peace and solace to you, MW

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                  1. SAdly.. my friend..
                    not many people
                    have sympathy
                    for the
                    me and
                    it seems you too..
                    thank you.. there IS
                    A place for folks like
                    it’s a place
                    we make or break noW mY friEnd..
                    i have zero pain now.. and
                    i am not going back to hell..
                    of this..
                    as i make it happen..
                    every now without fail
                    in giving and sharing all..
                    in a beauty of effortless flow..
                    it’s nice in heaven.. best oF all.. it’s real now
                    and that my
                    friend can be
                    An ultimate message of poEtry..
                    sAdly.. somehow that pArt of
                    Luke 17:21 got lost along
                    i brought
                    it back and
                    so have many
                    otHeRs.. sAdly2..
                    it is almost impossible
                    to convince someone
                    else heaven exists
                    now until
                    perHaps by the
                    time i write 80 million words
                    i’ll find a way to put Heaven into words..
                    and perhaps that IS A reason for hell.. my friEnd..

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