Wishes Do Come True!

I wished for abundant riches
Now my bank account is full
The police are investigating
They think they’re stolen bills

I wished for peace and quiet
Now I have no thoughts in my head
My life is total emptiness
I may as well be dead

I wished for everlasting love
Ardent, devoted and true
Now I can never shake him
He’s stuck to me like glue

I wished to be a beautiful bird
Soaring wild and free
Now I’m locked in a cage
To amuse a human being

Be careful what you wish for
It might just come true
What you wanted may not turn out
The way you expected it to


Β© 2016 Mother Wintermoon

For dVerse and Mish’s prompt to write a serious, whimsical or humorous poem about wishes. Mine was meant to be humorous. πŸ˜›

38 thoughts on “Wishes Do Come True!

  1. First timer here. Great words of caution. They remind me the documentary movie called “I am” which starts with someone having it all, then realizing he is not happy. Through a series of interviews with philosophers, religious people, gurus, psychologists, the filmmaker ascertains that while money does not make you happy, the absence of money can make you unhappy. People need enough to take care of basic needs for them and their family, but what makes us happy is some form of recognition and belonging, which the Greeks call “thumos.”

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  2. A fun write. Ah the balance between attachment, freedom and meaning. Being essentially a social animal, it is inescapable. I wonder what sort of poetry orangutans would write? πŸ˜‰ (fun rhyme for a jovial/serious poem)

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  3. Wishes, yes what a subject, we always seem to wish for too much, maybe instead of wishing we should pray, and be happy in our circumstances, evening if they are tough, as it is from these that one can learn. I always hope for world peace, and the healing of our world, which are my prayers as well. love the poem, it reads so easily, and makes its point well. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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      1. pleasure, I enjoy your blog, so why not comment on it. It seems many just press like, then one never knows, what the persons, likes, or anything about them, so I often comment when I like something. πŸ™‚

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