14 thoughts on “Chaiku: Last Breath

  1. WordPress decided that I should unfollow you without me having a say in the matter. It really bugs me how often that happens, I often find myself thinking: “where is so and so? I haven’t seen any of their posts for ages.” Then I have to hunt down their blog (not always easy) and I realise I’m not following them anymore even though I never did unfollow. Grrr. This is the worst issue I have with WordPress. Anyway, sorry for ranting 😜
    I hope you’re well, I’m pleased I can once again see your beautiful words x


  2. Hi mother winter moon,
    You liked a comment I made on Aussie Ian’s blog, and I wanted to come by and say thank you and introduce myself. If you could use a blogging tip or two, check out my site. That’s what I write about. Nice to meet you.

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