15 thoughts on “Now

  1. gaileeann2016

    HI MWM I am honored that you would want to quote anything I have written – so yes, a big yes 🙂

    and also, I replied to your email – I hoe you got it as I am unsure iif that notification forum is set up for that. Let me know, k?

    Peace and love

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  2. I love this excellent description of being centered in the present, it is most moving. I get such a lift coming onto your blog, with that incredibly uplift picture of the trees, there is just something incredible about it. Love that you have used again a picture of the Praying Mantis, one of my Favorited animals. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

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    1. Oh wow. Your comment filled me joy and gratitude to have a you as a cyber friend. Thank you so much for the blessing of all your uplifting words! I’m so pleased to know you feel that way about my blog. Praying mantis is my favorite too. They look so mysterious and sagacious. Like wise, all-knowing ninjas. Blessings galore to you, MW 😊

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      1. Pleasure, my garden here is quite a thriving ecosystem, and I see Praying Mantises all the time. My mother said that right from a little fellow I was always off on my own tangent watching nature, and my earliest surviving poem written in 1974 was called extinction, so have always been that way inclined. In Bushman and African myths the Mantis appears often, so have read all these stories. Best wishes, stay well and lots of blessings, Charles.

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          1. Thanks, I just posted a poem called Praying Mantis, when I have time I will google to see if there are stories from other cultures as well. I am working on our garden all the time, so that it will be a natural looking garden, rather than a designed looking garden. I live on the boarders of Table Mountain National Park, so have nature to walk in all the time. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂


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