A mere shadow of my former self
Moves invisibly through rooms full of people
Existing on a plane rarely detectable to others
Slipping into a sea of inky darkness
My sliver of a shadow cries
Remembering how she once dreamed
Of emerging to greatness

© 2016 MW All rights reserved / DV, medical trauma and cancer survivor

A quadrille for dVerse with our host, De.  “Shadow” is our inspiration.

Smoke Signals

Raindrops glistening
like diamonds
mined from human tears
my faith turned into
an empty closet full of lies 
broken promises amassing
into piles of old bones
listening in vain
for familiar footsteps
throwing the feathers
of broken wings
into the fireplace
transforming them
into smoke signals
singeing the sunset
with Your name


Cheers to dVerse and poet Victoria. Our word of the day is “feathers.” 

Wishes Do Come True!

I wished for abundant riches
Now my bank account is full
The police are investigating
They think they’re stolen bills

I wished for peace and quiet
Now I have no thoughts in my head
My life is total emptiness
I may as well be dead

I wished for everlasting love
Ardent, devoted and true
Now I can never shake him
He’s stuck to me like glue

I wished to be a beautiful bird
Soaring wild and free
Now I’m locked in a cage
To amuse a human being

Be careful what you wish for
It might just come true
What you wanted may not turn out
The way you expected it to


© 2016 Mother Wintermoon

For dVerse and Mish’s prompt to write a serious, whimsical or humorous poem about wishes. Mine was meant to be humorous. 😛