Between Living and Dying

Her tears run down her cheeks
Into her mouth, choking her speech
Writhing in her world of pain
Drowning in a sea of shame
Bound up in forced compliance
Existing in a prison of silence
Struggling to get out
Strangled by their yoke of doubt
I knit her a shawl of healing
Afraid of what she’s feeling
I watch her flailing blindly
Struggling to find me
I kindle a holy spark
To guide her through the dark
I hear her parched voice crying
From the veil between living and dying
I send her a shower of love
To quench her gently from above
I see a faint glimmer of hope
Cross the face I long to stroke
I reach out eagerly to draw her nearer
and feel my fingers touch the mirror

© 2008 Mother Wintermoon — All rights reserved

42 thoughts on “Between Living and Dying

  1. gaileeann2016

    Dear WMM oh so powerful, tragic and hopeful – familiar to any one who has been in deep despair and felt the touch of hope with kindness. glorious
    Love Gail

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    1. Hi Mark. Ha! Yes, it was an unpublished draft on this blog that I very briefly published here yesterday (I believe), where it appeared in my archives under the original date. Alas, that wasn’t what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was export it from my other blog where it made an appearance in 2008, then import it here, under today’s date. Whew! Mission accomplished! Thank you bunches, for your comment and revisit. 🙂


  2. Mother Wintermoon

    Many thanks (((Austin))) for your supportive comment and the gift of your presence. Bounteous Blessings to you, MW ❤

    (((Marj))), I'm very grateful for all the work you've done to make the Blog Carnival a reality for all of us. I'm honored to have my post included. Love and healing hugs, MW ❤


  3. This is a wonderful, powerful poem and message. Thanks for letting me include it in the Feb. BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE, which is now up at my blog. Won’t you come by and take a ride?


  4. Mother Wintermoon

    My dear (((blazintrails))), I embrace you and I walk beside you in solidarity on your healing journey. When the caterpillar first emerges from the chrysalis as a new creature, its delicate wings are wet, crinkly, weak, and incapable of flight. To make them strong enough to fly, the butterfly must pump nourishing blood into them, inflate them, and allow them time to strengthen. I connect process of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis (transformation and rebirth) and preparing it’s wings to fly, to the healing process of an abuse survivor. Thank you for being here and being you, MW ❤


  5. blazintrails

    Oh, Dear Mother Wintermoon!

    Your poem has put words to this past year of pain, confustion & struggle of my life! It has been like nothing less that a life/ death struggle for my very soul. I am sometimes still in the death struggling to heal the horrible wounds that undermined my entire existance with lies, deceit and betrayals. I seek to re-connect with my long silent, wild woman and to howl with the wolves, once again as I did as a young child.

    You have given me courage today when I so sorely need it. I too will continue to fan the embers of the sacred flame as I strive to find the soul teaching in the CHAOS of my life today. My vision of the future keeps me holding tight to my inner truths while some have called me selfish. I will no longer willingly be one of the Living Dead, for I choose to FLY.



  6. Mother Wintermoon

    Thank you bunches (((Gail))) for being present with me on this journey, with your heart full of compassion and your words of encouragement and support. Extra whipped cream on top, for the feedback on my Candle Souls post on Romancing the Crone. Your spirit glows with a loving, gentle light. I greatly appreciate your continued support, MW ❤

    Many thanks, dear (((Prada px))) for your supportive and understanding words. I'm so glad you're here! You are a blessing, MW ❤


  7. pradapixie

    I’m covered in goose bumps after reading this wonderful poem.
    another of your wonderful sites MW, which I haven’t visited cause I didn’t know about it.

    to reach out, to touch, to acess someone’s soul,and it to be your own, then recovery can only follow.


  8. gailalexander

    i find this particualr blogshpere to be just this Mother Wintermoon, many candle souls creating this peacefull illumination…very joyful and delightful


  9. Mother Wintermoon

    Many thanks for your beautiful response (((gypsy heart)))! I adore it! Your contributions always bring a song to my heart and a smile to my soul. Your presence is a gift, MW ❤


  10. Mother Wintermoon

    Thank you for landing here, Hawk. Much obliged, my fine feathered friend. I cherish your visits and your continued support on this blog and RTC. May your strength increase and spirit continue to soar! MW ❤

    Thank you, sweet Gail, for all you give, all you are, and all you do to make the world a better place! I deeply appreciate you! Lovefully, MW ❤

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  11. gailalexander

    dear Mother Wintermoon…i am so happy to hear you reach out to draw her nearer…soon that glimmer of hope shall become a blazing fire! love gail


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