Polarities In Flight

just as the gentle wind
rustles slumbering leaves
my soul stirs
at the sound of your voice
just as the early morning sun
rouses the slumbering earth
my dormant spirit
is awakened by your touch
just as the winter frost
turns flowing water into ice
my heart is frozen
without your springtide voice

i am the sacred darkness
you are the hallowed light
i am night flowing into day
you are day flowing into night
we are the yin-yang  
of the universe
we are synchronistic polarities
in flight

~© Mother Wintermoon 2016~

22 thoughts on “Polarities In Flight

  1. gaileeann2016

    Hello MWM – I have been quiet for a while as I continue to heal, balance and find my rhythm – and so itis so – I love your words that to me speak f “life-giving” on the deepest levels, the arousal, the hope, the knowing, the anticipation, the magic – it all gives life. Amen
    Love Gail

    Liked by 1 person

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