Equal Measure

Dust to ashes, ashes to dust
Pleasure and pain, innocence and lust
Strength in weakness, dying in birth
Dirt feeds life, decay feeds dirt
Sunrise to sunset, ebb follows flow,
Around and around, joy or woe?
Something begins, another ends
Seasons recycling, wheel of life spins
Corporal body, human spirit
Grief and joy, we all inherit
Pleasure balances pain, pain kills pleasure,
We are all cogs, without equal measure
Love and loneliness, plenty and dearth
Wheel spins cruelly, calculating worth
Embrace or abandonment, care or abuse
Spin one takes all, win or lose
Germinating and decomposing, rotating world
Withering or thriving, life unfurls
Round we go, torment or leisure,
Tethered to this mortal coil, without equal measure

© 2016 Mother Wintermoon Rights Reserved

Polarities In Flight

just as the gentle wind
rustles slumbering leaves
my soul stirs
at the sound of your voice
just as the early morning sun
rouses the slumbering earth
my dormant spirit
is awakened by your touch
just as the winter frost
turns flowing water into ice
my heart is frozen
without your springtide voice

i am the sacred darkness
you are the hallowed light
i am night flowing into day
you are day flowing into night
we are the yin-yang  
of the universe
we are synchronistic polarities
in flight

~© Mother Wintermoon 2016~

That Time

That time I snuggled in
shivering and starry-eyed
wrapping my cold feet
around your steady warmth
recalling with laughter
the cold feet I had
the day you asked me
to bury my sorrows
in the garden of your soul

© Mother Wintermoon 2016

Dedicated to my love, who died suddenly at age 24, before our date under the chuppah.