Where there are clouds
see the shape of possibilities
where there is one wildflower
see the power of life
where there is a rain puddle
see a flowing creek
where there is wind
see the seeds of new fruit trees
where there is stillness
hear the whispers of Divinity
where there is cruelty
see the canker of decay

© 2005 Mother Wintermoon 

We All Want…

We express it differently, but we all want the same thing. To be loved, to know that we matter, to be respected for our values and beliefs, simply because they are meaningful to us. We all want to know our voice is heard and to feel proud of who we are and what we stand for. We need to know we will be remembered for a difference we made, if only by one or two, when we finish this walk through life.

Love is all…Mother Wintermoon

Soft, Brown Hare

Matt of This Mortal Flesh posted a open poetry challenge open to all readers to accept. The challenge is to write a poem based on any quote.

My quote:
“I am a stone being excavated by the slow passage of water;
I am wood charred by a fire.”
Lauren Oliver

The tides of time
batter against the stoney facade
of her eroding dreams,
by the edge of the road
a soft, brown hare
slickens the asphalt,
fallen prey
to truck wheels,
and gasoline fumes.

On deserted crossings 
 amidst smoldering ashes,
her prayers rise up
on wisps of woodsmoke,

Cleansing rain descends,
washing away,
tears and blood.

© Mother Wintermoon ~